Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden

Do you want to call your garden as an organic food garden? If yes, then you must use an organic fertilizer for vegetable garden. Why should they? Why can not I just use regular mineral fertilizers, which should work fine?

Well, if you've done it now so you can not call your garden as an organic garden, it is as simple as that. The reasons for this are beyond the section of this article, but I'll try to cover everything in one another.

Did you know that There are many different types of organic fertilizers and has advantages and disadvantages of each depends on you, How do you manage your garden.

Cow or horse manure can be bought in bags at garden suppliers nearest your home, or if you live close to the ranch and has a large garden, you might be able to use the truck to get there. Make sure it is good and not damaged, or you will burn the roots of plants exposed to risk if you mix them directly in the soil. One big advantage of this fertilizer is that you can add lots of organic ingredients that are good for any type of soil.

Bone powder is a good organic fertilizer that will slowly release nutrients into the soil. This type also contains lots of calcium, so a good choice for a full crop adequate calcium but one that must be avoided is for plants that like acid soil.

Green manuring means growing plants that will be plowed back into the ground. What use is this? The beauty of this is that in your garden has to grow a crop such as clover that can capture nitrogen from the air which will enrich the soil. You can use one of the natural ecological services. You also have to add organic matter to your soil in this way.

Using the grass from your lawn mower is also quite good. Only by putting them on top of your earthworm soil and water bacteria will take care of the rest. This way is my preferred method, because it protects you from dry land, keeping it wet and damp grass under the cover.

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